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Learn All About Your Cycle.

Explore how to understand your cycle and body, identify health concerns, and find the right guidelines to reach your fertility goals through live instruction.

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Introduction to Fertility Awareness

Are you wanting to know more about fertility awareness methods and how to choose what method might be right for you?

These sessions will go through basic anatomy and reproduction to understand how cycling works and what charting would look like. We will talk through different method options and why each one might be a good fit!

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Join The Red Circle

A Charleston Fertility Awareness Membership Community

Have you been looking for support, community, and resources around your fertility?

Benefits include:

✨personalized fertility coaching

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✨monthly deep dive sessions

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Learn SymptoPro with Emma

When you start your journey with SymptoPro you will learn the materials over three course sessions (either in a group or individual setting) that take place bi-weekly and then have follow up consults every 2-4 weeks for the next 6 cycles to become confident in your charting. Working with Emma gives you in depth support and accountability while learning how to observe and interpret your charts.

Session 1

• Basic reproductive anatomy and physiology

• The phases of the menstrual cycle

• Observing and charting the temperature pattern

• Identifying the 6 last lows and Pre-Rise Baseline

• Observing and charting mucus by tissue and sensation

• Identifying peak day


2-3 hours

Session 2

• Review of previous concepts

• Observing and charting the cervix

• Secondary signs

• Charting to achieve pregnancy

• The Sympto-Thermal Rule

• The 6-5-0 Day Rule

• Effectiveness


2-3 hours

Session 3

Review of Sympto-Thermal Rule and 6-5-0 Day Rule

• The Early Dry Days Rule

• Evaluating bleeding

• Intro to the Basic Mucus Rule


2-3 hours

Follow Up Consults for 6 Cycles

video or phone private consults to check in about how your charting is going, ask any questions and get feedback.


15 - 30 minutes every 2- 4 weeks

Let’s get learning!

Online Group Course

Emma teaches online group courses four times a year. This allows for you to learn SymptoPro online at an accessible price point and connect with other learners!

You’ll Receive:

  • Course Book & Activity Packet
  • Basal Thermometer
  • 3 Month Subscription to the Read Your Body app
  • Client portal access
  • Individual consults for 6 months
  • Lifetime charting support

Online 1:1 Course

Working one on one with Emma allows for your individual learning sessions around your schedule and a more personalized learning experience.

You’ll Receive:

  • Course Book & Activity Packet
  • Basal Thermometer
  • 3 Month Subscription to the Read Your Body app
  • Client portal access
  • Individual consults for 6 months
  • Lifetime charting support

In Person Course

Hoping to learn SymptoPro in person in the Charleston, SC area either individually or with a group?

Request a course below & Emma will be in touch.

You’ll Receive:

  • Course Book & Activity Packet
  • Basal Thermometer
  • 3 Month Subscription to the Read Your Body app
  • Client portal access
  • Individual consults for 6 months
  • Lifetime charting support

A few reasons learning with Emma might be a great fit for you!

  • Looking for a natural method of avoiding or spacing a pregnancy. If you are looking for alternatives to other contraceptives learning SymptoPro is a great option with data to back up the effectiveness.

  • Looking for support in achieving a pregnancy. Charting your cycle can give you daily and overall knowledge of your fertility to be able to target intercourse and be able to identify abnormalities within charting to be able to reach out to a health care provider with confidence.

  • Have the ability & time to start learning something new/create new habits. Learning a fertility awareness method takes time and energy to create new habits, working along side an instructor and having a supportive partner can help this be a little easier.

  • Hoping to find the root cause of health issues related to reproduction - think PMS, heavy bleeding, pain, spotting, etc. A fertility awareness method is not going to solve any of these issues but charting can help identify where you may need some more support and then you can meet with a health care provider with confidence.

  • Want to know when you are fertile or infertile for reproductive knowledge & empowerment. With all that is going on in the world it can be extremely powerful to know if your body is fertile or infertile. You can use that knowledge to determine if there is a specific route of next steps you would want to take.

Emma has helped me understand how to chart properly and answers any question I might have on anything. She allows plenty of time in the session and never makes it feel rushed. If I message her, she replies quite quickly as well. I definitely would not understand SymptoPro as well if I didn’t have her support.

- Carmen Z.

What Clients are saying

Emma was so great! Willing to answer any of all questions and to explain as many times as necessary. She was patient, kind and understanding and I’m excited to continue working with her.

- Group Course Client

Emma was an amazing instructor who answered every question I asked and took the time to chat with me when I had concerns. The instruction material was clear and informative. I look forward to continuing to learn about symptopro with Emma!

- Group Course Client

Emma is very professional, patient, and willing to answer questions as they pop up. I highly recommend her as an instructor, especially for new beginners.

- Laura B.

Emma is a great instructor and support system as you learn more about your body and your fertility. She always promptly answered my questions, and if she did not have a response right away, she would get back to me quickly. The resources provided are great, and the sessions were extremely productive. Highly recommend!



Can I chart on paper?

Absolutely! SymptoPro has a paper charting template and this is the way you are taught to chart in the course. A few copies will come in your mailed client packet and more can be downloaded and printed as you need them.

Can I chart with an app?

YES! So many of us have our phones nearby all the time and the Read Your Body app has templates for SymptoPro use. This is my preferred method of tracking my chart because I can add observations throughout the day wherever I am and then go over it at the last check of the day. Plus all clients get a free 3 months trial.

What's the cost and are there ongoing costs?

I value transparency around costs so here is a whole breakdown of your investment! Check it out here!

Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

Of course! Payment plans can be found with each course and I ask that you go through this link for scholarship information, we will figure out what will work best for you! I never want the cost to be the factor that is holding you back from learning about your cycles. I’d be happy to trade services or products for a course, just reach out!

Why should my partner attend sessions?

There is so much power in knowledge. I personally believe that having partners understand the guidelines and procedures allows for more open communication about family planning intentions and allows for better use of the method.

They can attend all sessions with you for no extra cost.

Why should I choose one course over another?

I currently offer seasonal group courses and individual courses. I recommend that clients who are looking for a more private experience and/or learn better being able to take breaks or ask personalized questions to choose the individual course. Clients who are looking for a more cost effective option and are able to commit to the scheduled dates can benefit from the group course.

What does support look like after the course is over?

After 6 cycles of follow ups included with the course you have lifetime support with me. This has two main benefits: 1. sending charts to me whenever you have completed them or have questions about interpretations and I'll send feedback via the client portal for no additional cost; 2. access to in-depth consults that you can purchase as you go or in unlimited packages.

Are you a certified instructor?

Yes I went through the certification process with SymptoPro which included a supervised practicum and testing. You can find my instructor profile on the SymptoPro website here.

Have a question I didn't answer here,

send me an email or schedule a consult.

Meet Emma Goff.

Emma lives in the Charleston, SC area with her husband and two children.

Emma grew up with a general idea of Natural Family Planning. She started tracking her ​cycle by writing down dates in a journal when she was bleeding from menarche and ​eventually switched to a charting app to allow for ease, though didn't understand all the ​other biomarkers she could chart. While in college Emma wanted to learn a method but ​had a hard time finding someone who was teaching. This sparked an interest to become ​an instructor to be able to be a resource to others.

It took a few more years to realize that there were multiple ways to learn a method ​online leading Emma to find SymptoPro. The knowledge of learning about the ​reproductive system and her own fertility sparked an evolution of whole body wellness. ​Emma has a strong passion for educating others about their reproductive health ​particularly to dismantle the shame around sex and empower couples about their ​fertility. She loves continually learning more about fertility and reproductive health to ​support her clients.

Most of her days are focused on all things kids - being a mom is one of her favorite parts ​of her daily life! Emma's favorite color is red, loves dabbling in photography, will get a ​hot chai latte with coconut milk from a coffee shop regardless of the temperature ​outside, and loves going for walks on the beach.


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